2012 - Olive oil label.png

Our grove is planted on the red and grey soils overlooking the

upper reaches of the Campaspe River.  And our handpicked

olives are processed using the Affiorato method.


This method is renowned for producing the highest quality extra

virgin olive oil which is keenly sought by connoisseurs. 


The Affiorato oil method produces a pure, extremely high

quality oil by removing the pips early in the process and by

floating the oil off the vegetal water.

 Our commitment to high quality has been recently rewarded with medals in the Melbourne Fine Foods Awards, the Australian Golden Olive Awards and the Australian Olive Association Awards.


In 2018 Campaspe Bend Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded silver medals in the International JOOP (Japanese Olive Oil Prize)

competition conducted by the Italian Chamber of commerce in

Tokyo and in the AOA Australian International Olive Oil Awards.


We are most grateful to our friend, renowned artist Graham Fransella, for allowing us to use the "Olive Picker" image on our

distinctive label -  which he painted after being an

olive picker at one of our early harvests.


Our olive oil is now available for purchase on-line and can be

shipped straight to your doorstep.

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